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Medical Fame

on: 28/10/2012

Greece is a newcomer to the medical tourism market!  However, as the birthplace of modern medicine, Greece is proud to have some of the best prosfessionals in the healthcare system.

Greek doctors practice with as much care and professionalism as other more well established destinations.

Also, many physicians have been trained at schools located in the U.S. and United Kingdom, and combined with modern hospitals/clinics and state of the art equipment, Greece is a force to be reckoned with in the medical tourism scene.

Medical Tourism Today

on: 28/10/2012

Throughout much of recorded historyhealth travel was restricted either to the wealthy or truly desperate.  But in today’s flattening global economy, the physical, economic, and cultural barriers that once separated nations from one another are dissolving. International travel and more lenient trade policies make it possible for those with modest means to enjoy the benefits of world-class health care at some of the most popular medical tourism destinations around the globe.

Situated in one of the planet’s most favorable and sunny corners in the tip of Europe, Greece is a top tourism destination worldwide.  City-breaks, incentives, conferences, sports, cruise; Greece offers memorable moments to all visitors.

Greece is well-known as a cradle of the western civilization. Is the origin of drama, history and philosophy, the birthplace of democracy, not to mention the first conceived Olympic Games and the Marathon Race.

Visit this vibrant and exciting country, graced with charm and hospitable people!

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