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Greek History

on: 24/10/2012

Greece is a land synonymous with history and archaeology, and as such is a perfect place to travel on a cultural holiday. From the Bronze Age civilizations of Mycenae, Knossos and Santorini to the Classical giants of Athens, Sparta, Rhodes and Delphi; from the Byzantine wonders of Mistra, Monemvasia and Patmos to the modern comforts and pleasures on offer in Athens and Thessaloniki. The sights of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Greece are simply world-class.

Famous in the western world as the birthplace of history, philosophy, theatre and democracy (among much else), Greece has witnessed the passage of some of the ancient world’s most gifted individuals. Less well known is its later role as an important part of the Byzantine world, and as a province in the Ottoman Empire. Its winding path through history has endowed Greece with a variety of archaeological and architectural jewels from all ages, as well as a series of world-class museums devoted to its ancient heritage and its modern culture: the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art and the Jewish Museum of Greece should not be missed.

Greece Medical Tourism

on: 22/10/2012


Greece Medical Tourism

Greece Medical Tourism - Greek doctors offering great care and professionalism, combined with modern hospitals/clinics and state of the art equipment

Greece was the home of great ancient civilizations and is now the site of many of their ruins.  The country is also home to picturesque islands, great food, and a pulsating nightlife, which will guarantee that you will be partying until the wee hours of the night.  The country’s rich history has at times overshadowed its recent economic development.  30 years ago, Greece was an agrarian society famous for its beaches, islands, and olive oil.  Now, Greece boasts more cell phones than landlines and many middle to high-end establishments have sprouted that cater to the burgeoning tourism sector and the country’s middle and upper-class inhabitants.  Also, the influx of immigrants from Asia, Africa, and other European nations has resulted in a myriad of food options.  What make Greece so unique are its history, culture, and undying hospitality towards foreign visitors, which in turn helps to grease the wheels of tourism and ensure a pleasant vacation for all.

Medical Tourism

on: 22/10/2012

Medical treatment abroad, also called ‘medical tourism’, is a booming international industry where patients seek healthcare from sources outside their country. Usually every type of medical treatment is available abroad with over 50 countries identifying as destinations in medical tourism.

New countries are quickly joining the medical tourism industry. New Zealand is one of the recently arising destinations for medical treatment abroad for North American based patients and an example of an international healthcare service that still has a first world economy but 20% off the price. Taiwan and Uruguay have also joined the explosive industry, investing funding and private medical tourism initiatives into their services.

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