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Greece is not only an excellent destination for a mental health break, but the medical facilities in Greece are also some of the best in the world. Greece is ranked fourteenth by the World Health Organization (WHO) for having the best medical care facilities world-wide. This rating is 23 places higher than the current United States ranking of 37. People who want quality care at a fraction of the price should consider Greece for care.

Why Choose Greece for Medical Tourism

Greece was one of the first destinations for medical tourism. Its sheer beauty and healing waters have been attracting people world-wide since the ancient Grecian times. The beaches and the scenery are absolutely breath-taking. Any person recovering from a surgery or medical treatment will feel comfortable in the stress-free environment.

Greece's modern-day medical tourism is also thriving. Medical tourists flock to Greece to obtain quality healthcare at a fraction of the costs in their home country. Crete, especially, is known for medical tourism because of the number of expatriates in the area.

Greece knows healthy living. The country has some of the healthiest people in the world with the longest life expectancies. The Greek healthcare system is improving and expanding. The country is building new facilities all over the country. Physicians are also investing in the latest and greatest hi-tech equipment to ensure patients receive the best healthcare available. New equipment will facilitate faster recovery times.

Greece medical professionals focus on fertility treatments, orthopaedics and cardiac care. Dental health care procedures are also popular with medical tourists. While medical tourists enjoy deeply discounted rates for procedures, the National Health Service (NHS) provides subsidized or free healthcare to its citizens. These services are available to citizens who have made regular contributions to Greek social security.

The hygiene levels in Grecian hospitals are exceptional. The incidence of hospital viruses is almost non-existent in Grecian hospitals. Private Greek hospitals are available to administer quality care to patients visiting the area. Since many surgeons are trained in the United States and the United Kingdom, patients in Greece enjoy a higher level of care than other regions of the world. If physicians are trained in Greece, they will go through rigorous training and continuing education. The Greek medical education system is designed to remain compliant with the standards set forth in the Europeans Standards for Higher Education.

Greek medical facilities have some of the highest patient-to-doctor ratios in the world. This is just one reason Greek medical facilities rank highly. The private doctors are multi-lingual and most speak exceptional English. In general, there will be no language barrier between the patient and doctor.

Credentials and Accreditations Provide Peace of Mind

Patients receiving services in Greece can easily check the credentials of the physicians served. Cosmetic surgeons are typically registered with Hellenic Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Every specialization is typically requires registration by the Hellenic Society. Credentials and registrations give medical tourists peace of mind when selecting a surgeon and engaging in medical tourism in Greece.

Consider Greece Medical Tourism For Exceptional Healthcare and An Experience of a Lifetime

Greece medical tourism is coveted by many people having extensive surgery who need a peaceful place to recover. Greece will provide exceptional medical care at a fraction of the cost in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.


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